Griff's Tree House

Chain Rule

Welcome to The Tree House, where you will find the family history of Richard Griffiths and Sue Wuzik.

Starting with a brief comment there is also a family tree proper which includes family details, surname lists and notes on individuals. I have also gathered all photographs into one place for easy browsing with thumbnails on the index page. If you think that you may be able to help me then please look at the list of names, dates and places which I am actively researching. Alternatively, if you think that I may be able to help you then try the surname list of the folks that I have knowledge of.

If you see a name which you think is familiar check out the 'note' attached to an individual which shows a little more detail. If you disagree with any of the details after 1837 take a look at my collection of certificates which provided the source data.

My wife Sue's family tree has a separate listing of her surname interests but access to her tree is through the same starting page, using tree 2.

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